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Classic Massages in Frankfurt

Wellness Massage for Men and Women!

Classic massage provides sensual touch with unscented oil that is used both to promote relaxation and to create a more intimate connection though sharing energy.

wellness massage for women

Classic Massage

Our Classic massage is our "Signature" massage; designed by a master of massage with decades of experience designing special massage routines in Europe and the United States. This Wellness massage is both sensual and unique, combining strong pressure with a sensitive touch of love and compassion found nowhere in Frankfurt.

Our Signature Massage combines techniques from Tai Chi massage, Essalen massage & Lomi Lomi.


This ancient massage uses the principles of Tai Chi with long, smooth strokes that touches every part of your body to create a totally connected feeling of nurtured relaxation and calm mind and body unlike any wellness massage you've ever received. We guarantee this massage to leave feeling refreshed and energized.

Germany has a long history of massage and wellness. Romans appreciated the hot mineral springs at Baden-Baden , and beginning in the 18th and 19th centuries, Europe’s royalty and other aristocrats would meet for a massage at the great German spa resort towns. We have a more relaxed attitude towards nudity . The therapists don’t worry so much about elaborate draping techniques, however you can be covered with a towel or sheet if you desire.

The benefits you will receive:

A complete letting go of stress and exhaustion
Relief from physical and emotional pain
A strengthening of the immune system
More Prevention from Illness
Deep relaxation
The ability to be present in the moment
A Replenishment of energy reserves
Increased flexibility
The development of body awareness
A general feeling of well-being


 1 hour

90 minutes

2 hours




We Don't Perform Sexual Practice 

We focus on creating a sensual mood and aligning the energy in our bodies. The massage will be relaxing and peaceful and sometimes stimulating. It may start out with a more causal massage and move into more sensual methods of massage as we continue to form a more intimate connection.

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