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Anjama Tantra Massage in Frankfurt

Massage in Frankfurt

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Tantric, Erotic and Classic Massage for Men and Women

Tantra massage is an intimate massage technique that is used both to promote relaxation and to create a more intimate connection through sharing energy.

What is Tantra massage? 

Tantra massage combines sexual energy with traditional massage techniques. The idea behind Tantra massage is to awaken the energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers are located throughout the body, and the masseuse will energize these to release the energy stored within, which will allow blocked energy to unravel and flow throughout the body, starting at the base of the spine and rising throughout the rest of the body.

Relax Body and Mind 

Like any type of massage, Tantra massages can be used to relax the body. In addition to relieving physical ailments, Tantra massage can be used to allow emotional pain to subside. Many people claim that they feel less guilty or fearful after receiving a Tantra massage. Some also find that they feel more alert and energetic, which allows them be more active during the day and sleep more soundly at night.

Create Sexual Arousal 

Tantra massage can be used as a method of creating sexual arousal. Tantric techniques can be used to strengthen the connection between the mind and body. It is important to remember that arousal is always possible when you are having a Tantra massage performed by a professional. It is important to inform the masseuse if you are feeling any sensations that are too intimate and make you uncomfortable.

We Don't Perform Sexual Practice 

It is also important to note that Tantra massage is not intended to be a sexual practice. We focus on creating a sensual mood and aligning the energy in our bodies. The massage will be relaxing and peaceful and sometimes stimulating. Massaging the sexual organs is only performed when both are comfortable with this type of connection. It may start out with a more causal massage and move into more sensual methods of massage as we continue to form a more intimate connection through tantric massage technique.

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